David Stephens is one of Australia's leading body language and nonverbal communication experts. With post graduate level qualifications in Communication, Behavioural and Credibility Analysis he is also the program developer and lead mentor for the Joe Navarro Body Language Academy and a Paul Ekman International Trainer.

With years of experience working in the fields of national security and international relations, David has had the opportunity to develop and apply his skills in nonverbal communication and credibility analysis in a range of different situations. From meetings with leaders from around the world to leading high stakes negotiations on national security related issues with regional stakeholders, David has had the opportunity to use his skills in a wide variety of situations.

David now teaches nonverbal communication and credibility analysis in Australia and abroad. He has also worked closely with Joe Navarro, one of the world's leading body language experts and has developed Joe's online body language training program as well as mentoring clients from around the world. He is also a Paul Ekman International licensed Trainer, focused on emotional intelligence and credibility analysis.

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